Just Ask “God”

My friend, Dr. Jesse Jones, and I have during our many elegant, and sometimes dangerously drunken, parties discussed the ideas of God and why our ideas of Him and His existence differ so greatly. After one such argument, I decided to Google “God” but instead started playing around with the suggestions that Google throw out when one types in half a phrase. One such suggestion led to the question: Is Google God?

I started reading the article by a group of people who have started calling themselves the followers of the Church of Google. In it they stated that “Google is the closest thing that we have to an actual god”. The reason for this is that Google has all the characteristics of being god-like. An example of this is that Google is an all knowing “being” and more people have said that they “pray” to Google (i.e. search for truth) than to any other god combined!

When I explained this to Dr. Jones, he said that it makes sense but that “one cannot thank Google”. The Church of Google or the “Googlists” have in fact written a series of prayers to Google, actually thanking “Her” for all that “She” has done for us. There are even commandments that must be followed by anyone who wishes to become a Googlist. And while they make a pretty good argument, it is clear that the search for God might not go further than man’s ability to program or add information to a never ending source.

I do not think that Google is God. I do not condone the worship of a Search Engine, whether it was made by man or the Spaghetti Monster. But I will once again say that the Googlists make a good argument, better than any I’ve seen in a while. But I guess that would be for you to decide.

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